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Vison3 Project Manager. Nearly Neurotic.

Yep, we saw you while you were eating your M & M's. You lined them up on your desk in perfect rows by color (darkest to lightest), and as you proceeded to consume each line (lightest to darkest), from bottom to top, you painstakingly straightened each mouthwatering row of chocolaty goodness. Neurotic? Maybe. Quirky? Probably. Worth interviewing? Oh yeah. You like order and we like you for that.

Here's a general idea of what we're looking for. Don't fret if you don't meet every line item - we're all about looking for well-rounded individuals looking to grow!

  • Ability to establish and manage project timelines and details (internal, client deliverables)
  • Capability to fully understand clients' communication goals and implement into creative strategy
  • Working knowledge of interactive media (applications & websites)
  • General understanding of technology, mobile devices and social media
  • Capability to work directly with clients in a professional, consistent manner
  • Adeptness in scheduling/arranging meetings, travel, (attendees, technology needs, etc.) for clients
  • Competency in monitoring clients' budgets and scope vs the internal production hours
  • Ability to foster a project's progression, while successfully managing all associated team members to ensure all project requirements are being executed
  • Capability to assist in research
  • Competency in hiring vendors; acquiring written quotes
  • Ability to work with vendors for shoots, edits, audio sessions, and other external needs
  • Assertiveness to guide and direct (and correct!) designers, animators and programmers
  • Ability to work under pressure, and manage multiple projects at once.

Being that you are freakishly organized, you'll naturally pull your updated resume out of your color-coded hierarchy of folders, and instantly email it to us at

C# / Unity Developer

    Cool area (Lockerbie). Adjacent to parking lot. Beside ping-pong table.
    Relaxed. Not shady.

Are you a powerhouse C# or Unity 3D Developer looking for somewhere to plant your roots? If you’re ready to blossom into a Venus-fly trap of code-munching terror, then you’ve found just the right urban garden in which to thrive.

We are an interactive agency with an emphasis on artfully blending technology and design. With a mastery of both design and technology in the creation of branded messages, we’ve got our stuff together, so we’d expect the same from you. Sure, we’ll give you mad props for your progressive concepts and your biting wit, but you’ve got to be justifiably qualified, talented, and more importantly willing to learn a trick or two.

Well we’re looking for an interactive developer that is ready for a challenge! We're looking for an experienced C# Developer that has an eye for design and a creativity. 1-2 years experience creating Unity applications or games is a huge bonus (we use C#), but is not required. If you have a broad knowledge base, and/or are willing to expand your arsenal of code-speak, then this could be the perfect opportunity to soak up those creative rays and blossom!

What other types of languages are spoken here? iOS (Obj C), Android (Java), JavaScript, HTML5, Flash (AS3), and .NET are the most prevalent. Mastered another language not listed? Don’t fret – we believe that good programming is good programming, and that the language is just a syntax. All it takes to succeed is the desire and motivation to tackle new challenges.

This is a full-time, onsite position located in downtown Indianapolis. Pay negotiable, based on experience, with full benefits. Please send a resume and links to examples of your work to

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