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UI Designer - Level Up

  • Now, let us explain something. We’re looking for someone that is bursting with raw, unadulterated talent and ambition, even if you haven’t quite been given the chance to utilize it. I’m sure those Nintendo characters that you doodled on your folder in class were boss, but sorry, we mean a justifiably qualified, talented, designer.

    Vision3 is an interactive agency with a mastery of both design and technology in the creation of branded applications, with a focus on human interaction. This opportunity is a junior-level design position, fit for a young gun with boatloads of talent. The position will involve work in all areas of design, with an emphasis on user interfaces and experiences for touch applications both large and small.

    You MUST possess the following core competencies:

    • A thorough knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (CS6+)
    • The ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines
    • A strong design eye
    • Creativity (A true inherent sense of it ­– like the stuff is seeping out of your pores)
    • Problem-solving skills
    • And an ability to interact with other humans (frequently referred to as a personality)

    Familiarity with additional software programs would be a bonus.

    So, if you think it’s time to level up your design skill in a fun, casual environment, check us out at If you think you’ve got the chops, email samples of your work and your resume to:

Smashing Good iOS Developer

  • Mario or Bowser? Pikachu or Charizard? These are very important questions if you’re going to be joining the team and slamming your way to victory in our 8-player Smash Brother’s tournaments! Video games not your thing? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you (too harshly!).

    We’re looking for an experienced iOS Developer that is ready for unique challenges in a fun and creative environment. 4+ years of iOS Development is required (Objective C), but we are not looking for someone who wants to only play in one corner of the sandbox. If you have a broad knowledge base, and/or are willing to expand your arsenal of code-speak, then this could be the perfect opportunity to let your creative wings unfurl.

    With a mastery of both design and technology in the creation of branded applications, we’ve got our stuff together, so we’d expect the same from you. Sure, we’ll give you mad props for your progressive concepts and your biting wit, but you’ve got to be justifiably qualified, talented, and more importantly willing to learn a trick or two.

    This is a full-time, onsite position located in downtown Indianapolis. Pay negotiable, based on experience, with full benefits. Please send a resume and links to examples of your work to

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